Our Services

Our activity ranges from supply of individual instrument to design, installation, commissioning and training.

Instrumentation & System Integration

With our technical expertise, we are often actively involved in various stages of projects involving special packages; ranging from design, specification, supply, installation and commissioning.

Examples of some of these packages are as follows:

  1. Process optimization and environmental control solution through Acoustical Cleaning System
  2. Industrial testing excitation and chamber solution
  3. Automotive Exhaust Gas Emissions Monitoring, Biogas and Landfill Gas Monitoring System
  4. Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health Equipment Solution
  5. Measurement and Monitoring quipment for R&D Application

Consultation Services

1. Industrial Hygiene monitoring compared to nationally USEC regulation or Internationally OSHA Act.

  • Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)
  • Personal Chemical Exposure
  • Area Chemical Exposure
  • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
  • Heat Stress Monitoring
  • Initial Noise Monitoring
  • Personal Noise Monitoring

2. We are expert in Department of Environmental (DOE) regulation for Factory Plant or factory transportation system will emit substance to pollute the atmosphere. The monitoring includes:

  • Stack Air Emission for Iso-kinetic for Bioler, scrubber and chimney
  • Waste water weekly or monthly testing
  • Boundary noise: day and night
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Environmental Management Planning (EMP)
  • Waste Water Characteristic Study (WWCS)

Other Services

  • Preventive, predictive and Maintenance Service
  • Conditioning Monitoring Solution
  • Room Acoustic Monitoring Solution
  • Anechoic Chamber Testing Solution
  • Silent Booth Solution