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Our Uniqueness

Department of Environmental (DOE)

We are expert in Department of Environmental (DOE) regulation for Factory Plant or Factory Transportation System which emits substance that pollute the atmosphere. The monitoring includes:

• Stack Air Emission for iso-kinetic for Bioler, scrubber and chimney
• Waste water weekly or monthly testing
• Boundary Noise: day and night
• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
• Environmental Management Planning (EMP
• Waste Water Characteristic Study (WWCS)

Department of Safety and Health (DOSH or JKKP)

Industrial Hygiene monitoring is important to protect employee health, thus, all the sampling work will compare to nationally USEC regulation or internationally OSHA Act. The services conducted by our team are:

• Chemical Health Risk Assessment (CHRA)
• Personal Chemical Exposure
• Area Chemical Exposure
• Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV)
• Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
• Heat Stress Monitoring
• Initial Noise Monitoring
• Personal Noise Monitoring

Our Consultation Service

Integrated Solutions in Technology for Industrial Needs

Our experts will help you perform measurements and monitoring, particularly related to the requirements of DOE and DOSH such as Noise Exposure Monitoring and Boundary Noise Measurement, Indoor Air Quality, Chemical Health Risk Assessment, LEV, Chemical Exposure Monitoring and Stack Monitoring supplying complete test report and providing recommendation to meet the requirements.

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